The RMAEC Archived Webinars are available for you to view and use below.
The RMAEC Training Webinar Series records most of the presentations that we conduct
Below is a list of Webinar Sessions available. Click here to go to our CAPA Webex Webinar Site.


January 11 "Asphalt Industry Outlook, Market Analysis, & Forecast"
February 22 - The Increased Use of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) for City/County Streets and Roads
March 14 - Balanced Mixture Design (BMD) for long lasting roadways
April 4 - Best Practices for Asphalt Inspection including Sampling and Testing
April 18 - The Fundamentals of Proper Asphalt Compaction
June 20 - Best Practices for the use of Recycled Materials in Asphalt Mixes
uly 11 - The Value of Roadway Asset Management



January 10 "Asphalt Industry Outlook, Market Analysis, & Forecast"
anuary 26, 
The Use and Success of Asphalt Perpetual Pavements
February 23, 2023 The Use of SMA for Local Agency (City and County) Streets and Roadways
March 16, 2023 Warm Mix Asphalt/Workability Mix Additive – Update on Use and Acceptance

April 13, 2023 Understanding Asphalt Pavement Construction and Getting Density
May 11, 2023 The Fundamentals of proper Asphalt Sampling and In Place Density Testing
June 8, 2023 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) – Use and Implementation
July 20, 2023 Understanding Asphalt Pavement Mat Defects
August 3, 2023 Best Practices & New Developments in Asphalt Specifications
October 5, 2023 Parking Lot and low volume roads and paths Design & Construction
October 26, 2023 Breathing Easy with Asphalt Production Facilities



January 9 "State of the Industry, Asphalt Industry Overview – Market Conditions, Trends and New Developments" Featuring Tom Peterson, Executive Director and Mike Skinner, Director of Engineering
February 17, 2022  Designing for Performance, Differences between Highway and Municipal Roadway Infrastructure Programs,
March 23, 2022 A Review of the Updated MGPEC Asphalt (Item 20) Specification
April 14, 2022 Best Practices for Compacting Asphalt Pavements
May 12, 2022 P.G. Binders Uses for Local Agencies and State Highways presented by Ryan Proctor, Suncor Energy
June 16, 2022, Managing the Placement Surface Treatments presented by Josh Krueger, VP A-1 Chipseal
July 28, 2022 An Update on the Implementation of BMD in Colorado-, Michael Stanford, CDOT Asphalt Program Manager, Tom Clayton, Director of Training CAPA
August 11, 2022, An Update on the Implementation of EPD's in Colorado - Mike Skinner, CAPA Director of Engineering
September 22, 2022 - Best Practices for Asphalt Paving "Best Practices" 
ctober 13, 2022, Creating a Maintenance plan for Roadways and Parking lots Infrastructure Programs
October 27, 2022 - Cold Weather Paving