The LabCAT Program flows smoothly, partially due to assistance from CDOT, local agencies, contractors and consultants who send their certified technicians to volunteer as a proctor. 
The RMAEC is thankful to those who have dedicated their time and expertise to the certification process. In 2004 we began to formally recognize these individuals.
Each year since, a "Volunteer Proctor of the Year" has been recognized. 


2004 Tammy Buck CDOT Region 6
2005 Clayton Goodwin City and County of Denver
2006 Richard Katzer Carter & Burgess
2007 Bob Wilson CDOT Region 1
2008 Kristin Moran City of Aurora
2009 Patrick Kowing FHWA
2010 Andrea Hebard CDOT
2012 Paul Wiggs El Paso County
2013 Neomia Roach Brannan Sand & Gravel
2014 Leslie Kochis CDOT Region 4
2015 Ryan Zoetewey Cesare Inc
2016 Grant Mathers Kleinfelder, Inc. 
2017 Paul Kinnes CDOT Central Lab
2018 Aaron Klingsmith Ground Engineering Consultants
2019 Who will this be? From Your Company or Agency?


Proctor Incentive Re-certification (PIR) Program

Proctor Incentive Re-certification (PIR) Program is a re-certification format reserved for technicians who have volunteered their time by assisting as a proctor for the LabCAT Program. Proctors who meet the eligibility requirements will be allowed to waive their laboratory procedure testing for re-certification. The written exam is still required. 

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