All certifications take place in the RMAEC classroom at 6880 South Yosemite Court Suite 110, Centennial, Colorado 80112.
Please contact us at: (303) 741-6148 ext 154, email: [email protected]

Technician registration for Levels A, B, C, C minus Design, and E requires two forms. Submit both the Asphalt Technician Registration Form and the Asphalt Technician, Self Verification Prerequisite Form to complete the registration process. The Registration Form may be submitted at any time prior to the registration close date. The Self Verification Prerequisite Form may follow at a later date; however both forms must be received prior to the registration close date. Registration close date is the Wednesday prior to the session start date. APM Inspector registration is one form. The APM Inspector Registration & Prerequisite Form may be submitted at any time prior to the registration close date.

Upon receiving your registration, the RMAEC will email a registration confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please contact the RMAEC at (303) 741-6148 ext 154.

Members of CAPA and CDOT will be invoiced for certification. Non CAPA Members are expected to pay on or before the session start date.

Asphalt Technicians and APM Inspectors are required to qualify for certification. Please refer to the Registration and Self Verification Prerequisite Form for detailed information regarding prerequisites.

Dates of attendance are structured by level. Levels A, B and C are offered sequentially so technicians have the opportunity to become certified in any or all of the levels. Level E, and APM Inspector are separate programs.

LabCAT Manuals containing the classroom presentation are distributed on the first day of the certification session.

If you would like to preview the presentation manuals, please click on the links below.

Level A – Presentation Manual

Level B – Presentation Manual

Level C – Presentation Manual

Level E – Presentation Manual

APM Inspector – Presentation Manual

Video explaining how to run the Modified Lottman test utilizing the CDOT Procedure
This video was produced to explain the CDOT procedure for running the Stabilometer test.

It is recommended that testing technician bring the current CDOT Field Materials Manual (FMM) and the current CDOT Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures (CP-L) to the certification session. Manuals will are available online from CDOT 
Field Materials Manual (FMM)
Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures (LMTP) CP=L


Testing Technicians for Level A, B, C, C minus Design E, and APM Inspectors are given a closed book written exam. PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2024 the written exam will be administered electronically. The RMAEC will provide a Chromebook for each person attempting certification upon arrival at the Certification facility (with the exception of Durango and Grand Junction). Each person attempting certification will be required to provide an email address  which will allow them to access the electronic written test.   
Following the written exam, Technicians and Operators are required to demonstrate laboratory proficiency in each procedure required by level. Laboratory proficiency demonstrations are closed book. Inspectors do not have Laboratory proficiency exams.

The cancellation policy is stated is the RMAEC Policy & Procedure Manual. Please reference the manual.

The LabCAT Board of Directors and the LabCAT Technical Oversight Committee has approved the process for the de-certification of a LabCAT Certified Technician. Please reference the RMAEC Policy & Procedure Manual regarding the procedure for filing a complaint, and the process of initiating a hearing for de-certification.

Questions? Please contact Diane (303) 741-6148 ext. 154

6880 S. Yosemite Ct. Suite 110 Centennial, CO 80112
Phone (303) 741-6148 ext. 154
email [email protected]

Revised November 2023