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A Word from the Director: Climate change agenda is being implemented in Colorado
The Colorado General Assembly is having a busy legislative session and the climate change agenda is being implemented in Colorado.  Regulations are being enacted to integrate global warming policy and greenhouse gas (GHG) requirements into the production and supply of construction materials including asphalt and asphalt mixtures.  House Bill 21-1303 Global Warming Potential for Public Project Materials has been approved by the Democrat controlled legislature on straight party lines and is expected to be signed into law by Governor Jared Polis.  CDOT provided testimony in strong support of the legislation.  CAPA provided testimony at the House Energy and Environment Committee and testimony at the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee.  Senator Dennis Hisey (R, El Paso County) proposed 3 amendments on our behalf and all 3 were defeated.  The amendments would have eliminated asphalt for vertical (building) construction, provided an exemption for maintenance projects and eliminated the ceiling of GHG emissions.  When enacted into law, CDOT for horizontal construction and the state architect for vertical construction, will implement a study program to establish policy by January 1, 2025.  The policy will establish thresholds for GHG limits and require the use of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for a number of construction products including asphalt and asphalt mixtures. 
As a first step, we have arranged for a no cost webinar titled, “An Overview and Introduction to Environmental Product Declarations for Asphalt Mixtures” by Joseph Shacat, Director of Sustainable Pavements, National Asphalt Pavement Association. 9:30am, June 09, 2021.  Link Here to Register
Executive Director


The CAPA Newsletter "in Front of the Paver" has been given a make over and was recently published. The June Issue features an article from CAPA Executive Director, Tom Peterson on the legislation recently passed by the Colorado Legislature on "Climate Change".

If you have comments about the new look and format, please send us a message with those comments, we want to hear from you, our members. To see the entire newsletter CLICK HERE or on the image here!



The Women of Asphalt

The Colorado Branch of the Women of Asphalt continues to grow. They currently have more than 150 members with an active core of about 40 to 60 persons. The membership base is currently from Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The membership is made up of both Women and Men. The Colorado branch is the single largest branch in the USA and being used as the model for other State branches being formed. Our branch has been in existence for more then 3 years. The group is a “committee” of CAPA as the National Women of Asphalt bylaws require the local branches to be associated with a SAPA.

The Colorado Branch continues to holding monthly membership meetings as they are trying to expand and get more members. They also have a social event each month. For most of the last year these have been virtual on Thursday evenings. The next mixer for the Colorado Women of Asphalt Group is scheduled for Thursday June 17th as an in person event. Location: NextGen Training Center, 14335 W. 44th Ave., Golden, CO 80403. (easy parking on site) Time: 5pm - 7pm. Join us for drinks and appetizers at Next Gen’s Training Facility and learn about Excavators, Backhoes, Wheel Loaders, Motors Graders AND have the opportunity to try out one of these machines with an instructor, on a simulator (optional). RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, Space is limited to: 30 people so RSVP today! (Please indicate if you would like to use the simulator so that we can reserve time slots for everyone) Everyone is welcome (even guys). The Women of Asphalt are looking forward to an exciting evening to kick off our 2021 educational in person mixers. We hope to see you there! .  
If you are not aware of the Women of Asphalt, it is a group formed to Lead and Inspire others in the industry. This group is not only for Women, but open to all who can help with the mantra to Lead and Inspire Women entering or working in our industry, not only in the field but in offices and other support positions. Encourage your staff to investigate the Women of Asphalt and become a part of the group.

The Colorado Women of Asphalt will be held their 1st annual "Women of Asphalt - Colorado" Golf tournament fund Raiser on May 14, 2021. The event was a great success. Thanks to the Title sponsor DACS, The event Sponsors, Martin Marietta, Brannan Sand and Gravel, Benesch and RS and H. We want to tank all of the other sponsors as well. The Money raised from this event will help to fund the Women of Asphalt Training academy. The planning for the training academy is still underway but the early concept is to hold quarterly training meetings to expose people to different and other tasks and positions within the industry. Some of the ideas proposed for the training academy are, equipment operation, estimating, plan reading and more.
To become part of this effort, sponsor early or volunteer, please contact any of the leadership team, Nicki UprightTammy BuckJo Taylor or Natalie Ulven to inquire about or commit to one or more of the sponsorship levels

More detailed information on this event is on the CAPA/Women of Asphalt Page