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A Word from the Director of Engineering - EPDs to be required for Asphalt Mixes in 2022

Earlier this month, with the passage of the Buy Clean Colorado Act (HB21-1303), Colorado became the first state in the country to pass a statewide environmental product declaration (EPD) mandate that includes asphalt mixtures. In response, NAPA’s Joseph Shacat and Kelly Kanaras presented an introductory webinar about EPDs for asphalt mixtures to the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Education Center.
The Act mandates that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) require contractors to submit EPDs for road, highway, or bridge projects that are advertised starting July 1, 2022. CDOT will use those EPDs to develop a policy to take effect in 2025 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
For vertical construction projects – and, presumably, the associated parking lots and driveways – the Office of the State Architect will establish a procurement policy in 2024 that uses EPDs to determine compliance with new GHG emission limits for each material.
Asphalt mix producers can use NAPA’s Emerald Eco-Label tool to develop EPDs that meet the requirements of the Buy Clean Colorado Act. NAPA hosted a webinar on June 29 about the tool and its new Optimizer feature.  The webinar titled ‘How to Reduce Costs and Environmental Impacts with NAPA’s Emerald Eco-Label Tool Update’ is available on the NAPA website.

Director of Engineering 


The CAPA Newsletter "in Front of the Paver" has been given a make over and was recently published.
The September Issue features an article about a Tragic accident involving one of our Asphalt Industry Personnel

If you have comments about the new look and format, please send us a message with those comments, we want to hear from you, our members. To see the entire newsletter CLICK HERE or on the image here!


The Women of Asphalt

The Colorado Branch of the Women of Asphalt continues to grow. They currently have more than 150 members with an active core of about 40 to 60 persons. The membership base is currently from Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Texas and New Mexico. The membership is made up of both Women and Men. The Colorado branch is the single largest branch in the USA and being used as the model for other State branches being formed. Our branch has been in existence for more than 3 years. The group is a “committee” of CAPA as the National Women of Asphalt bylaws require the local branches to be associated with a SAPA.

The Colorado Branch continues to holding monthly membership meetings as they are trying to expand and get more members. They also have a social event each month. For most of the last year these have been virtual on Thursday evenings.  The next mixer for the Colorado Women of Asphalt Group is scheduled for Thursday July 15th @ 6:00pm as a virtual event. To join this mixer, CLICK HEREAt this meeting the Board will be seeking ideas for the start of the Training Academy and for future events for this group. There will be fun and fellowship as part of this event.

If you are not aware of the Women of Asphalt, it is a group formed to Lead and Inspire others in the industry. This group is not only for Women, but open to all who can help with the mantra to Lead and Inspire Women entering or working in our industry, not only in the field but in offices and other support positions. Encourage your staff to investigate the Women of Asphalt and become a part of the group.

More detailed information on this event is on the CAPA/Women of Asphalt Page