New member added to the Colorado "Asphalt Hall of Fame".
Larry Ware is the newest inductee into the Colorado Asphalt Hall of Fame and joins 22 other honored members since its inception in 2011. Throughout his career in the asphalt paving and construction industry, Larry has demonstrated his unique ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedicated work ethic. He realized there was a need for turn-key milling services in the Colorado market, so he filled the need and developed the business over 3 decades. Larry set the industry standard for milling operations and over 500 different companies utilized his services over the years. His jovial personality and commitment to excellent customer service allowed him to build lifelong customers and friendships – as well as many dedicated lifelong employees. Larry has also left a legacy for his family, as his son, Nick, is now the CEO of the parent company. To see the video, use this link. 


Future Nominations: Send nominations via e-mail to Tom Clayton The nomination deadline for 2023 is Friday, December 29, 2023. Nominations should identify the person being nominating and briefly explain his/her contribution to asphalt paving in Colorado.
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The nominations will be evaluated by the CAPA Board of Directors.

The Colorado Asphalt Hall of Fame was established to recognize those persons from the Asphalt industry who have made significant contributions to the Asphalt industry and helped advance the use and quality of Asphalt Pavement in Colorado.

The nomination guidelines and criteria are available from this Link

To date there are 23 members who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

The initial group of men (pictured) inducted were instrumental in getting CAPA up and running in 1983. There was no blue print and no owner’s manual on how to launch an association.

If it wasn’t for their dedication and commitment to the industry, we wouldn’t be where we are today as an association or as an industry.

Bill Lauer - Sterling Companies


Mike Mikkelson - Western Paving Construction Company

Bob Bisgard - Asphalt Paving Company

Ira Paulin - Carder Incorporated

Bill Paukovich - Brannan Sand & Gravel Company

Curt Marvel - Brannan Sand & Gravel Company

Dennis McCarron - Flatiron Paving Company

Skip Bettis - Siegrist Construction Comapny

John Boring - Consultant

Swede Kamm - Faris Machinery Company

Carl Stuka - CDOT, Brannan Sand & Gravel Company

Junior Elliott - Western Paving Construction Company

Herman Altergott - Aggregate Industries, WCR

Sterling Klopenstein - Schmidt Construction

Richard “Dick” Coulson - Coulson Excavation Company

William “Bill” Keller - Asphalt Paving Company

William “Paul” Rippy - Grand River Construction

Clyde "Geno" Chavez - Schmidt Construction

Rob Mangone - RMMA and Martin Marietta

Harvey Elger - Kiewit Infrastructure

Colorado Asphalt Career Achievement Award – Summer 2015

Denis Donnelly – CDOT and the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association


Denis Donnelly

Denis Donnelly

Denis Donnelly Receives a Career Achievement Award Longtime CAPA Consultant Denis Donnelly was presented a Career Achievement Award at the recent CAPA All Member Meeting. Denis spent many years with CDOT and nearly 15 years with CAPA. All the best to Denis and Kathy in retirement.