The National Asphalt Pavement Association has compiled information for jobs in the Asphalt Industry.
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Your career in the asphalt industry awaits

Rarely discussed in schools as an alternative to college, trade jobs offer great career potential, providing good pay, stability, and a welcoming culture. We are looking for entry-level, mid-career, and seasoned professionals to join the industry and with on-the-job training there are numerous opportunities available throughout the United States. Support your family, stay physically fit, and join our diverse workforce that building the roads that connect America.

The asphalt industry needs skilled workers and provides its workers with advancement pathways and opportunities to grow. 

  • 91% of contractors are looking to hire new employees
  • Women make up 9.9 percent of the construction workforce, yet construction is an industry close to gender pay parity, with women making 99.1% of what men make. (Nationally women earn on average 81.1%).
  • Start a good career without the burden of college debt. With on-the-job training, workers can earn while they learn, and quickly gain the financial independence to start living the lifestyle they want.

The Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association has produced several workforce promotion videos. 
You can view these promotional videos by clicking on the images. 

These are posted and used with permission of Park Estes ([email protected]) and the Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association.



What is the Construction Careers Now Program?


The Construction Careers Now program consists of a 4 week Introduction to Construction Careers curriculum through Emily Griffith Technical College. During the 4th week of the course students will attend a HIRING FAIR and meet numerous “eager to hire” construction contractors with career opportunities available now in the trade of your choice.
UP Coming Career Fair Dates are Wednesday October 4, 2017 and Wenesday November 8, 2017. The career fairs are held from 4:00 to 6:00pm @ Central 70 Career Training & Resource Center, 3600 East 46th Avenue Denver, CO 80216. Click here for a map

For additional Information or to register as a potential employer who is seeking employees, contact Lisa Seaman or visit the Build Colorado Web pages
See more about the Construction Careers Now program in this short Video

Why a Career in Construction? Click here to get more information.

Are you a person seeking a career in the construction industry? Use this link to register for the CONSTRUCTION CAREERS NOW program or to get more information about the program.